President Museveni bans pressure group A4C

President Museveni bans pressure group A4C

The Ugandan regime has banned a pressure group, Activist for Change (A4C) rendering its activities illegal.

The decision to proscribe the pressure group which was behind series of political change agitation in Uganda was taken by cabinet and executed by Attorney General Hon Nyombi Peter.

The group came to prominence a year ago after its suspected founding members Robert K. Sengooba and his uncle Richard Semitego now living in exile in United Kingdom continued to criticize the regime.

Relying on section 56 of the Penal Code Act, the regime outlawed the group through the Attorney General as an unlawful society.

In March, D/ASP. Micheal Ariongo died of head injuries after he was attacked by people suspected to be A4C members. Police pined A4C supporters for the death of their own and some A4C members were arrested.

Sources say Ariongo’s death was linked to his line of duty because he was the officer leading the treason case of Uganda vs Sengooba and others at General Court Martial Makindye.

Regime says that Semitego, Sengooba & his uncle Gen.Sejusa fled to United Kingdom, formed A4C for purposes of overthrowing the Uganda government.

Mr Sengooba in social media post, said that they are not afraid. “The regime is entrenching on us; it has the obligation to allow us to exercise our rights and political skills. President Museveni has to listen to our demands and deliver on time”.

Gen Sejusa also said, “I call upon youths to defend themselves, take up arms, stones, and big sticks to fight police and government officials, soon Ugandans are to be informed of our next plan.”

Sejusa also advised youth activists allied to A4C to be on standby because their services might be needed soon.

“Museveni has ruled Uganda for more than 30 years, but he will soonbe defeated,” he said.

A4C members have been using stones, bottles and other weapons in their gatherings.

Gen. Kale Kayihura’s statement

Today 4th April, 2014, we had a cabinet meeting with our CIC President Museveni and Attorney General during the meeting President issued executive orders and declared A4C as unlawful society/organization, its funders Dr. Kiyingi Aggrey and Richard Semitego and its founders Sengooba and Gen Sejusa are big threat to Uganda’s peace and security.

It is now befallen on me and my team to enforce President’s orders and Attorney General’s statutory implementation on behalf of Republic of Uganda.

I do understand that Sengooba, Mr. Semitego and Dr.Kiyingi are entitled to their political opinions but as police we can’t allow them & their violence to go on.

Police is obliged to allow political groups to exercise their rights & hold lawful rallies as their constitutional rights as Ugandans, However rallies which has been organized by A4C has been so violent,provocative,negative,aimed at attacking the person of the president & disturbing his peace.

The democratic purpose of such rallies has of late been over shadowed by apparent efforts of A4C to use radio political talk shows & TV political shows to incite disobedience, violence intimidate & disorder within public.

One of A4C member Sengooba came out openly and posted on his Facebook page calling youths to join them to overthrow the regime of President Museveni.

It should be noted that Sengooba and others called upon Ugandans youths and A4C supporters to take up arms which they will use to injure police in case they confront them “IGP Kayihura Press release reads apart.

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