Pastor Wilson Bugembe has finally put an end to so many questions as to why he never marries. The singer has confessed that he is seeing someone (dating). Pastor Bugembe said that his marriage will take place immediately after the completion of his church that is under construction. Notably, Bugembe, the Worship House leader is constructing a 6,000 seater church. Pr. Bugembe portrayed his previous heartbreak where he based his delay in dating, saying it was a serious and he took time to triumph over it. Bugembe besides said that on his wedding day, he will also unveil a book which he is currently writing titled ‘Finding Her’ that talks about his love life.

“Currently, I have someone that am seeing. But I requested her to be a bit patient as I finish with the construction of the church so that I can give the underprivileged a better shelter and move them out of the tent” said Bugembe.

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