Kampala metropolitan police have this afternoon spoken out about the young man whose pictures have been making rounds on social media with a yellow NRM beret.  Police in Wandegeya is investigating an incident in which a 21-year-old man a resident of AVIS KIVULU, Kawepe Division- Kampala who was putting on a National Resistance Movement (NRM) cap was attacked by two men who later drove nails through his hands.

According to Police, Baker Kasumba, left his workplace at 10:00 pm at JESCO HAM Shopping Centre, heading home, but he realized that he had taken had spent some time without visiting his mother. He decided to go and check on her. He took a short route through Kalerwe where old spare parts of vehicles are sold, as he was about to reach the flyover, two men grabbed him and nailed his hands with two nails of 6 inches.

Two ladies who were looking for their child that went missing saw the men and shouted that they should leave their child alone thinking it was their child. The two men run away when the women reached the scene, they made an alarm and police of Kibe/ Kalerwe responded and Kasumba was rushed to Mulago Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. He is out of danger.

According to Kasumba, on Sunday 25th/8/2019, a man approached him at his workplace and confronted him to stop supporting NRM and President Museveni. This was a planned and organized attack. The attackers seem to have trailed him all the way from his workplace.

The police also vowed to end such political violence in Uganda. “This kind of political violence cannot be allowed in Uganda. This is not a good political strategy to whoever is using it. We shall not accept this kind of political intimidation and whoever is using it should desist from it. We condemn the attack in the strongest term it deserves. Uganda is a free country, where everyone is allowed to express his/her political affiliation the way they want” the police statement reads.

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