Nailed NRM man shifted to a secret private facility as he accuses People Power supporters

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has transferred their supporter Baker Kasumba who was nailed by unknown people for supporting president Museveni and the ruling party.

Kasumba was trailed by yet to be identified men, intercepted at Kalerwe fly over and hit in the hands with six-inch nails for supporting the Movement and its chairman. He was later admitted to Mulago hospital until yesterday.

While visiting Kasumba, the party Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba said the party will take care of all medical expenses as well as shift the patient to a secret health facility for his own safety.

“As the NRM party, we are going to take care of his treatment and we are also going to take him away from here to somewhere secret because people have started trailing him here at Mulago hospital. We have received information from different people on the same,” she said.

Lumumba condemned the acts on Kasumba, adding that such acts can only be perpetuated by animals and very evil humans.

“This is inhumane; it can only be done by someone who was never born or has never seen any religion. Whoever did such should be burnt in hell by the hottest fire.”

Kasumba in an interview painfully said the people responsible for his predicament are people power supporters he is aware of.

In a statement posted on his social media accounts, People Powerhead, Bobi Wine said he condemns the unfortunate incident but said he was not sure it had happened.

“I must add that the most unfortunate thing that has happened to our country is that no one can tell what is true and what is not true. The majority of the citizens cannot even tell whether what comes out of the police force is true or not,” Bobi Wine said.

“Only a few days ago, they released a ridiculous video that they claimed depicted moments of our fallen brother Ziggy Wyne at Mulago hospital! Many who watched it could not help but wonder how we ended up here.”

The legislator cum singer said at this time no one can trust the photos and statements released by police in regards to the matter.

“Therefore, we cannot at this point confirm the account of this alleged nailing of Mr. Kasumba. We hope that this time around, the authorities can professionally investigate this issue, and if found true, hold those culpable to account.”

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