How to build a 5 bedroomed storied house for less than Shs100m in three months

Building a storied house is a dream for many, but many times they relinquish and settle for less or are dissuaded from the construction because of the opinion that such buildings would drain you financially.

Nile Post recently reviewed how one can save up to 40 percent and yet build the dream storied house at standard quality.

Building a good house would take you between Shs40m and Shs100m, but that depends on the size. Have you tried a storied building of five rooms?

Engineer Abdul Mwanjje of First Village Technical and Construction company gave Nile Post some tips and rough estimates of what it would cost to raise a five-bedroomed standard storied house from ground to roofing and finishing.


For any site to commence, it would need a store to enable storage of materials and it would also include a chamber that would act as residence to a security guard.

“This would be semi-permanent and would cost around Shs300,000 in estimates,” Mwanjje said.

He says that it would also be important to have electricity and water brought to the site as they are important aspects of construction.

“These enable the smooth running of works like welding, wiring and motor mixing, which are vital for such a construction. They can later be used by residents of the proposed building.”

For the cost of having electricity and water on-site, Mwanje claims it would not cost someone beyond Shs1m unless the utility source is located far off.

Clearing the entire site to make it habitable for the builders and other works would cost one at least between Shs180,000 to Shs225,000.

Buying site tools like hoes, pickaxes, strings, poles, nails, spades, sledgehammers and the likes would take not far from Shs600,000 depending on the market rate.

Excavation: Excavate foundation trench depth not exceeding 1.5m dite column pads and compact trench and pad bottom would range between Shs810,000 to 850,000.


Lay well-burnt bricks to plinth wall of concrete blinding in cement mortar up to a height to be determined on-site. Then backfill and compact to obtain a firm ground. Cast mass concrete for site slab and provide column starters.

“One would need about 12,000 bricks. If each brick costs Shs320, that would lead to about 3.8m. Plus 8 trips of Pit sand rated at Shs 240,000 bringing the total to 1.9m.”

Other costs would include; 120 bags of cement at a net cost of 3.6m, 4 trips of aggregate and Shs250,000 per trip, bringing the total to Shs1,000,000.

One would also need 16 pieces of Y16bars (Shs1m), 33 pieces of Y12 bars (Shs1.2m) and R7 bars (Shs165,000). 1 role of binding wire (Shs100,000), 30 pieces of timber (12 by 1) (Shs225000) and 10kgs of nails (Shs 50,000).

“A damp-proof membrane of 30 meters rated at Shs 2500 per meter bringing the total to Shs75,000.”

Therefore, for Shs6m, one could have a foundation for their storied five-bedroomed house already sorted.

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