Pope Francis to Ugandans: I declare peace and harmony upon you

The head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State, Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio commonly referred to as Pope Francis has declared peace and called for harmony in Uganda amidst kidnaps and murders in the country.

The pontiff who is currently on the last leg of his African tour in Mauritius where he will celebrate mass and meet political leaders sent a letter to President Museveni on behalf of the citizens of Uganda where he called for peace.

In a message, Pope Francis sent greetings to President Museveni and all Ugandans before invoking blessings upon Uganda.

“I send greetings to your excellency and your fellow citizens the assurance of my prayers for peace and harmony, I invoke abundant blessings upon all of you,” the letter reads in part.

President Museveni, through his verified social media platforms, acknowledged to have received the letter and thanked the Pope for his prayers and blessings upon Uganda.

“I have received a message from his Holiness Pope Francis. Thank you, Your Holiness, for your prayers, wonderful wishes and blessings upon Uganda and its people. May the lord accompany you and manifest himself through your works.” he said in a Facebook post.

Pope Francis arrived in Mauritius on Monday, September 9 in what will be his final stop in his African tour.

En-route to Mauritius, Pope Francis visited Mozambique and Madagascar.

According to Wikipedia, Mauritius is made up of 30% Christians and the Pope was expected to preside over mass at the famous Mary Queen of Peace Monument, a location where John Paul II is said to have celebrated the eucharist during his last papal visit in the country, 1989.

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