Uganda Police were very calm- Chaka Chaka

South African singer Mhinga Ntobezedwa Machaka Yvonne commonly known as Chaka Chaka has reiterated the story angle of her deportation being peddled by seasoned journalist Andrew Mwenda and his source Fox Odoi, is full of falsehoods.

According to Chaka Chaka, she was not deported as several media, and the police have reported. She, however, insists that the Uganda Police personnel were very calm.

“A guy called Fox Odoi wrote an article about the Uganda incident it is inaccurate. The only correct thing you wrote and true is the police were very calm the rest is wrong. Visa story is news to me. I was granted a visa at the airport.”

Chaka Chaka also called upon people on social media to avoid causing divisions by fanning unnecessary tension and spreading lies. She called for a united Africa.

“We are Pan Africanist, don’t divide us,” she said.

In the aftermath of her alleged deportation from Uganda, Chaka Chaka claimed she had chosen to leave the country on her own terms.

However, seasoned journalist Andrew Mwenda while quoting former West Budama County MP Fox Odoi claimed the singer was deported after authorities tried to find an option to her Visa issues, but she turned them down.

Below is the account from Andrew Mwenda;

Inside Chaka Chaka deportation

Fix Odoi has given us the most actual account of what happened to Chaka Chaka. Attempts by some people to add the Bobi Wine spin on this story are both wrong and misguided. First, let us let the facts speak for themselves.

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