Court grants Ssekikubo bail

Ssekikubo was remanded to Masaka Central government prison on June 13 after the state cited him for having skipped bail in 2010 in Court. He had been arrested for disrupting the NRM party elections in Ssembabule district.

Others cases include being in possession of unlawful ammunition, inciting violence, destruction of NRM party electoral materials, obstructing police officers on duty and threatening violence.   The attempted murder file against Ssekikubo and his bodyguard, PC Alex Mugabi was set aside on the request of the state.

On Tuesday, Ssekikubo was granted a non-cash bail of Sh10m and Sh25m not cash for his sureties before the case was adjourned until February 18.

As he left the court premises, Police fired tear gas at his chanting supporters to stop them from the procession to Masaka Town.

The Masaka Chief Magistrate, Deo Ssejjemba said the then charge sheet in regard to the offences committed by Ssekikubo presented by the state did not bear any signature of a judicial officer from Masaka Court.

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