John Blaq dismisses Rumors about US travel ban

Reports have been circulating on social media that singer John Blaq has been banned from entering the USA because of violation of the VISA rules and regulations.

Furious John Blaq has come out to trash the false allegations.

“I was not banned from the USA but my VISA was cancelled because I was no longer going. It can be renewed and I am going back in May this year,”  John Blaq said while speaking to the press at Rock Bar.

He further said that he cancelled the trip because the promoter failed to fulfil what they had agreed on.

He blamed the promoter for paying bloggers to tarnish his name.

He has asked the promoter to compensate his money amounting to 15M after missing out on local performances.

It should be noted that Mc Mariachi, Alex Muhangi, Nantume Maureen were also recently deported from Trump’s land.

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