The US warns of a repeat of Kenya hotel attack

The US warns of a repeat of Kenya hotel attack

The United States embassy in Kenya has warned of a terrorist attack at a major hotel in the capital, Nairobi, although the exact hotel has not been identified.

In a security alert issued on Thursday, the embassy said that “terrorist groups may be plotting an attack” on a target that is “popular with tourists and business travelers”.

The warning has prompted fears of a repeat of the January 2019 terror attack when Islamist al-Shabab militants stormed the DusitD2 hotel and business complex and killed at least 21 people.

The US urged its citizens to “exercise increased vigilance when visiting or staying at hotels in the Nairobi area”.

The head of Kenya’s police has said they have enhanced police deployment in the city and border surveillance but warned the public to be “extra-vigilant”.

He tweeted a statement moments after the US embassy had issued its alert:

Kenya has been a target for al-Shabab since October 2011, when it sent its army into Somalia to fight the jihadist group.

Source: BBC

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