I will win the upcoming elections with 54 percent, claims Mabirizi

I will win the upcoming elections with 54 percent, claims Mabirizi

2016 presidential aspirant Joseph Elton Mabirizi has said that he is confident of winning the upcoming presidential elections in 2021 with a 54 percent margin.

Mabirizi contested as a first timer in 2016 elections and became the last of the eight candidates, garnering 24,498 total votes, which were 0.25 percent of the total electorate.

In a recent interview with NBS Television, Mabirizi, an engineer by profession said that he has been doing groundwork in all the regions of the country since defeat in 2016 and expects to win this time.

“I will win with 54 percent. We have coordinators in every region and if you don’t agree with that, go in every region and ask for them You will find them there putting in the work,” Mabirizi said.

Mabirizi said that unlike the other aspirants, he has been equipping Ugandans with skills in order to elevate them out of poverty.

“I run a multi-purpose skills foundation and its very hard for you to say that Mabirizi is lost. We are teaching Ugandans carpentry, farming, equipped them with computer skills and tailoring machines.”

Bobi wine is my friend

Asked on where he weighs against Kyadondo East legislator and ‘People Power’ leader Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, Mabirizi said that he is friends with Kyagulanyi and he has no problem with his ambitions.

“Bobi wine is a fellow comrade in the struggle and I respect his ideas. We talk where necessary and I have no problem working with him,” Mabirizi said.

Mabirizi, however, said that he believes it is better for the opposition to front about ten candidates in order to spread their chances of making sure the incumbent President Museveni doesn’t make 50 percent.

“It is part of the governments plan to make Ugandans poor”

Mabirizi said that he believes that it also part of the current government’s plan to make the electorate poor.

Mabirizi said that the government benefits from poor citizens in the campaigning period because these can be easily manipulated.

“ I gave them an idea of how they can multiply our economy. We, engineers, do less talk and more work but they never implemented my idea because it is part of their plan to make Ugandans poor,” Mabirizi said.

Mabirizi said that the leadership of the country doesn’t change in the 2021 elections, Ugandans should not expect anything new because the current leaders ‘have clearly run out of ideas.’

Mabirizi also said that he will run as an independent candidate because political parties have failed the country.

Source: NP

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