‘I can’t get my goods to market’

‘I can’t get my goods to market’

Some farmers in East Africa have been struggling to sell their products as some markets have closed and movements have been restricted in order to control the spread of coronavirus.

Currently, people are not allowed to mingle because of the coronavirus and people are not even allowed to travel for a long distance,” vegetable farmer Rodgers Kirwa, who works in the west of the country, told the BBC’s OS programme.

“This is a problem because I can’t take my goods from my farm to the market.

“Currently we have a number of crates of tomatoes in the farm because people can’t buy. What we did last week is we tried to supply the tomatoes to the villagers, our neighbours at the farm,” he added.

Isaac Ogutu, who helps train farmers in Kenya, said it has been difficult to support them and their businesses.

“On our part we work with families in the rural community in the larger western part of Kenya,” he told the BBC.

“Our role is to give training and technical support to the farmers to be able to produce food. We cannot bring these farmers together as a group to be able to train them. Since most of them are vulnerable, they are not even able to mingle with each other.”


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