Fatboy punished for his recklessness

Fatboy punished for his recklessness

James Onen commonly known as Fatboy recently came out and made a statement that he might live to regret.

The former Sanyu FM presenter said: “Ladies before you have a kid with someone ask yourself what the baby will look like.” The statement was posted alongside a photograph of Tanasha Donna’s child with Diamond Platinumz on his Reckless Radio Facebook page.

The backlash he received could have been enough to force him to delete the post but not Fatboy. He left the post up and it was here that some of his fans in the group called him ugly while others said he has no moral authority to talk about children because he has none.

He hit back, saying, “Many of you are attacking me because you are probably sleeping with ugly men for money. Think about your child please. What if it ends up looking like the father?” Uhhhhm….what can we say? That’s Fatboy for you!

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