Kyaligonza’s assault file sent to DPP

The police have submitted a file of assault and obstruction of police officer against Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza and his bodyguards to the resident state prosecutor for perusal.
The investigations followed a video clip on social media showing Maj Gen Kyaligonza and two military police soldiers harassing Sgt Esther Namaganda, who had stopped them from making a U-turn in the middle of the road in Seeta, Mukono District.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Police Patrick Onyango confirmed submission of the file.
“It is true the file has been submitted to the resident state prosecutor. The office will advise us on the way forward,” Mr Onyango said yesterday.

In their report, the detectives concluded that Maj Gen Kyaligonza was involved in the assault of Sgt Namaganda. 
If the prosecutor sanctions the file and Maj Gen Kyaligonza appears in court, it could put his ambassadorial job on the line. Recently, Parliament passed a resolution to recall Maj Gen Kyaligonza from Burundi where he is the ambassador. However, the executive has the powers to implement the Parliament resolution or ignore it.
Maj Gen Kyaligonza recorded his statement on Friday after President Museveni insisted that he must face the law. In the statement, Maj Gen Kyaligonza was asked to produce his driver, who is alleged to have violated traffic rules. He promised to produce him, but yesterday his driver had not appeared at police for interrogation.

Maj Gen Kyaligonza, however, said in an interview with the Daily Exclusives last Monday that his driver making a U-turn in the middle of the road, an incident that sparked off the confrontation, was to escape from a chaotic scene that was ahead. He said the confrontation was a result of the traffic officer insulting him, which agitated his bodyguards.


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