Rema fighting Hamza’s wars?

Rema fighting Hamza’s wars?

When in love, we will fight to protect those we love and although, in most cases, the man will be the protector, singer Rema will not stand by and watch as the trolls take on her man.

After almost a year of leaving us guessing, Rema finally came out and cleared the air about Hamza’s social media life, saying her boo is not on social media.

“All the pages in Hamza Sebunya’s name are fake accounts. He’s not on any social media platform. Not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. He is a private person, so those handles are fake,” she said.

The declaration came after a lot of information was flying around on social media platforms in Hamza’s name, hitting at Kenzo on matters to do with Rema.

At one point, one of the pages showed that Hamza was interested in buying Kenzo’s house when he put it up for sale. What we do not understand though is why now? I mean, it has been like what…nine months of trolling?

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