Parliament assures MPs on their security

Parliament assures MPs on their security

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has disclosed that the parliamentary commission is now considering the limiting of the public from attending parliamentary sittings in a bid to beef up the security of Members of Parliament.

Chairing the Thursday parliamentary sitting that was also attended by the Minister for Education and Sports, Janet Kataha Museveni, the speaker who first assured the security of legislators says the Wednesday attack on Parliament cannot be undermined.

The Thursday Parliamentary sitting that was chaired by the Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga did not entertain any member from the public as it has been the norm except Journalists and members of the security.

This comes after political activists under their pressure group the Red Top Brigade Movement attacked parliament on Wednesday leaving some legislators questioning their security in the chambers.

But in her communication, while chairing the session, Kadaga disclosed that the Parliamentary Commission is thinking of banning members of the public from viewing the proceedings of the House within the chambers.

The speaker also assured the MPs of their security in the chambers.

Some MPs, however, questioned how the two men accessed the chambers.

Other legislators also indicated how they are living in fear after some leaflets were thrown in the city over the weekend containing their names as the next target.

Source: NP

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