Douglas and MC Kats now don’t see eye to eye

Douglas and MC Kats now don’t see eye to eye

For a long time, we have known Douglas Lwanga and MC Kats to be inseparable. Besides being colleagues in the same industry, they were friends.

We say ‘were’ because that status might have changed recently. From what we hear, the relationship between the two might have changed when MC Kats came out and attacked Douglas, saying he was only after his money.

This was after Douglas and some of Kats’ family members conspired to check him into Butabika Hospital.

Kats reportedly claimed that his friend was targeting the money he was yet to bag from his UN collaborations.

However, when this got to Douglas, he was so disappointed and decided to distance himself from Kats.

Now the two are reportedly not speaking and Bebe Cool’s efforts to reconcile them met a dead end.

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