How Rudeboy chased Weasel from stage

How Rudeboy chased Weasel from stage

Nigerian Singer Paul Okoye, now known as Rudeboy, was in Uganda last Friday to perform at Cricket Oval, Lugogo.

Before getting on stage, Rudeboy had promised to honour the late Mowzey Radio to whom he was acquainted.

On stage, Rudeboy performed ‘Nakudata‘ together with Weasel and after their performance, he was supposed to go on performing his own things but Weasel stayed on stage and started backing the Nigerian singer.

During the performance of ‘Beautiful Onyinye‘, Weasel kept singing along on the other microphone but it did not seem to go well with Rudeboy. He kept asking who was on the second microphone, ‘pretending’ like he had not seen Weasel.

For those who understood the subtle communication, it was coded language to his management to take away the second mic. And just like that, Weasel was ‘kindly’ asked to hand over the mic. He walked off quietly. Bambi.

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