Kitalya Mini-Max Prison complete

Kitalya Mini-Max Prison complete

Named Kitalya Mini-Max Prison, the Shs25 billion state of the art facility was funded by the Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS) and constructed by Ambitious Construction Company Limited. 

It was built with large sized prison wards and 30 cells all fitted with modern sanitary facilities. It has a fully-fledged medical wing with an inpatient section, a contact visitors’ room and isolation rooms for contagious diseases, plus a kitchen equipped with power-saving technology. 

The facility also has classroom blocks equipped with a computer lab and library, a large workshop block specifically designed and built for prison industry activities, fully-fledged sports facilities including a football pitch, a volleyball court, a basketball court and a lawn tennis court in addition to a multipurpose hall. 

Its completion is expected to decongest Luzira’s upper prison, which is chocking with more than 3,000 inmates, five times above its holding capacity of 600 inmates. Dr. Byabashaija observed that Kitalya Mini-Max prison is a game-changer in the war against prison congestion. 

This is a fantastic facility and I can see the congestion in Luzira is finished. It has been completed some few months towards the end of my contractual obligations with government, I can only call it a legacy

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