UCU female activist in trouble over social media anti-rape campaign

UCU female activist in trouble over social media anti-rape campaign

A female student of Uganda Christian University is in trouble with the Police over allegations of massive rape by top city employing bosses.

Ms. Sheena Bageine was on Friday, February 21 evening released on Police bond from the Central Police Station (CPS) in Kampala after a night in jail.

Ms. Bageine was charged with offensive communication and cyberstalking.

Her arrest prompted a massive #FreeSheena Twitter campaign.

Ms. Bagaine, who last month faced court on the matter, had at the start of the year, made damning allegations against prominent employers —naming them as sexual predictors— allegations that have since put her on a collision course with those individually named, who have now colluded with the police to arrest her.

She shared a list of men, calling them sex abusers and claimed that girls would contact her inbox to reveal their stories.

“So here we are. This thread is exposing rapists and rape apologists! Feel free to add yours in case I missed out on some. I will be sharing stories and names according to the DMs I received. Some are heartbreaking but a friend can be another woman’s abuser. I hope you’re shaking,” Ms. Bageine tweeted on 2nd January 2020 at 5:18 PM.

Her allegations created a social media storm especially on Twitter and WhatsApp, attracting the attention of female Members of Parliament.

The MPs later launched a campaign they termed “My Body, My Consent” aimed at fighting the increasing sexual violence in Uganda.

MPs led by the national youth MP Anne Adeke said the experiences by the brave Ugandans who took their ordeals on social media left the national leaders shocked by the failure of the country’s justice systems to provide justice hence the need to launch a campaign that a joint action against all forms of sexual assault that has been committed against the women and girls in the country.

According to the 2018 Uganda Police Crime report, there were 14,985 defilement & 1,335 rape cases reported and of those reported rape cases, 396 cases were taken to court, six ended in conviction and 375 are still pending with more than 600 are still being investigated.

On the other hand, a total of 4,651 defilement cases were taken to court, out of which 609 led to convictions, and 3,704 cases were still pending.

The report also highlighted that more than 60% of the cases in Uganda’s criminal courts are sexual violence cases.

Source: pmldaily

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