Ugandans ‘eat locusts’ after they devoured their crops

Ugandans ‘eat locusts’ after they devoured their crops

People in Uganda’s northern district of Kitgum are eating desert locusts that have devoured their crops, according to Uganda Radio Network (URN) news agency.

The agency reports that poor harvests in the area have forced residents to make locusts their alternative sources of food.

But some were concerned about possible health problems because the Ugandan government has been spraying locust-infested areas with pesticides to try to halt the spread.

Resourceful residents said they were catching the locusts, then boiling and drying them before finally frying them.

Photos shared by the Observer newspaper showed locals preparing locusts for cooking:

Christine Abalo, a resident of Gogo village and mother of five, told URN she decided to catch the locusts to taste its delicacy since elderly people told them they are edible.

Beatrice Alanyo, another resident said she caught two whole basins of locusts and is awaiting the verdict of district leaders on whether they are safe for consumption due to the ongoing spraying.

Mr. John Bosco Komakech, Kitgum district’s vector control officer, told the news agency that consuming desert locusts isn’t harmful and says those caught by locals hadn’t been sprayed yet.

Desert locusts have devastated farmers in Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and South Sudan in what has been described as the worst invasion in 25 years.

Source: BBC

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