Besigye arrested and taken  to Nalufenya

Besigye arrested and taken to Nalufenya

After engaging police in Bugiri District in running battles on Tuesday, former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President, Dr. Kizza Besigye, was expected in Jinja on Wednesday morning to address a rally in Kazimingi market.
The market, which is usually an epicenter of riots, is located behind the Taxi Park and is perceived to harbor thousands of Dr. Besigye’s supporters who include petty traders dealing in maize flour and other cereals.
However, it was on Tuesday evening that police in Jinja first got whiff of Dr. Besigye’s presence at Paradise Hotel, an affiliate of Sunset Hotel, where he spent the night.

“Dr. Besigye was here (Paradise Hotel) briefly on Tuesday evening before proceeding to Sunset Hotel; there was something unusual about him because he was driving himself,” a senior employee at Paradise Hotel, who declined to be named in order to speak freely, said.

According to employees, police had clandestinely deployed at both hotels on Tuesday evening.
“Because both hotels are owned by the same management and are barely 100 meters apart, police planned to put either hotel on lockdown as soon as they were sure which hotel he had entered,” said one of the employees.
Adding: “And soon after he entered Sunset Hotel, nobody was allowed to enter or leave; in other words, there was no admission,” he added.
Another Sunset employee who asked not to be named so as to speak freely said Dr. Besigye’s presence at the hotel ‘messed up the business’ as it disrupted the gues

Source: DM

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