Middle East Consultants’ license suspended again

Middle East Consultants’ license suspended again

In a statement released on Thursday Middle East Consultants, Elite Placement Consulting, Eagle Supervision, Elite Winners Agency, Spotlight International and Higher Ground International Limited failed to heed to the guidance of the ministry leading to the suspension of their licences.

“As a response to a number of complaints we had received and also read in the press and on social media regarding the unscrupulous action of charging illegal registration and placement fees by licenced recruitment agencies, we wrote to the agencies giving them two weeks to refund the said fees by February 17, 2020,” reads in part a statement by the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Gender, James Ebitu.

“Unfortunately a number of companies didn’t comply with the said directive and have failed to pay back these monies. Consequent to the above, those companies have been suspended and directed to desist from any acts of labour externalization as of February 18, 2020.”

According to the statement, the only chargeable fees by these companies are to a tune of shs50000 and any further placement fees must be approved by the Ministry, a guideline the five companies have failed to heed to.

This is the second time the licence for Middle East Consultants is revoked.

The same was done on January 10, following complaints from several people that the company had taken their money to deploy them but was not done within the agreed time.

The suspension was later lifted after the company fulfilled the requirements that included refunding victims.

Source: NP

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