Court order to arrest Hajjati Hawa Ntege out

Court order to arrest Hajjati Hawa Ntege out

Eng. Robert Kakiiza, the former Principal Civil Engineer in the Ministry of Works was among the group of six people who were interdicted by the then Local Government Permanent Secretary, John Kashaka Muhanguzi for their roles in the botched purchase of 70,000 bicycles for Local Council one chairpersons that caused government a financial loss of shs4.2 billion but he was hidden by the Deputy RCC.

On Thursday, by Buganda Road Magistrate Asuman Muhumuza issued an arrest warrant against Hajjat Ntege after the state prosecutor Patricia Chingtho told the court that the accused has declined to honor court summons four times.

“This court has issued four criminal summons for her to come and take a plea to the charges of obstructing police detectives who had gone to arrest Eng. Robert Kakiza but she has since shunned all of them. The court should issue an arrest warrant against her,” Cingtho told the court.

The Deputy RCC’s lawyer, Francis Habomugisha in response asked the court to extend the criminal summons because his client was not aware of Thursday’s court proceedings.

The trial magistrate, however, declined to buy into the lawyer’s defense and issued an arrest warrant and the case was adjourned to March 5.

Following his indictment, Kakiiza baffled his prosecution after he declared himself dead for 9 years but was arrested last year by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit that is headed by Lt. Col Edith Nakalema after a tip-off from a whistleblower.

He was later arraigned before the Anti-Corruption Unit in Kololo and charged for abuse of office and corruption where he died the charges but released on bail by Justice Lawrence Gidudu.

Source: NP

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