World war 11; Gorgeous singer Posha  Attacks Ray G, threatens to reveal dirty secrets

World war 11; Gorgeous singer Posha  Attacks Ray G, threatens to reveal dirty secrets

Leave alone Russia and Ukraine’s endless fight, there is another kind of world war 11 slowly brewing from Western Uganda but this time in the music industry.
Fast-rising singer and 3 Awards Nominee Posha UG is one musician that has decided to develop a hard skin and open up about her feelings towards fellow singer Ray G.
Posha UG who is fast gaining momentum in the Western Music Industry has come out to predict the quick downfall of Ray G if he doesn’t change the manner he handles his music business and brand name. The sexy star revealed that singer Ray G has currently lost track. He only sings and records songs to compete with her.
Posha UG went to analyse the recent allegations against Ray G. A few weeks back, news broke out that singer Ray G was on a run after a certain music promoter hired him to perform at a function in western Uganda and never appeared.
Posha says, with such starting to come up against the brand name of Ray G, there could be more that meets the eye.
A highly placed source in Ray G camp leaked some of Ray G’s inside plans. A source tells us that Ray G today looks at Posha UG as the only threat to him in Western Uganda music, something that has established his music projects and plans. All he does is release a song to counterattack Posha UG’s fast-rising music career.
It should be noted that Posha UG is currently giving most Western Uganda musicians a run for their money. Her hit song Amashaza set standards high in the western Music industry. The song became the talk of all towns in western Uganda and it topped all the music charts.
And it is because of this song that Posha UG has been nominated in three top music awards; High Skool Awards- Western Regional Artists Act, BlinkTeeniezAwards set for 28th April 2022 and Blink Song of the Year. Only these few achievements have given singer Ray G sleepless nights in Mbarara city.
Meanwhile, you can listen to Amashaza song

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