How love almost killed Bruno K’s music career

How love almost killed Bruno K’s music career

Singer Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K has said his music career almost died prematurely because of his love relationship.

“I once loved a woman so much that I almost slipped into depression when we broke up. I got to a point where I couldn’t eat, make new music or sleep and grew pencil-thin. My friends thought that I was battling some kind of rare disease yet I was depressed,” Bruno K revealed while appearing on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya on Friday.

The Ntaawa singer told the host, Faridah Nakazibwe, that he met a girl towards the end of his studies at Ndejje University and together, they hustled their way up.

During the six years of their relationship, everything was running smoothly until he realised that the girl was too ambitious yet he couldn’t afford her dreams at the moment.

“She loved me but she was so ambitious. She wanted to drive a ranger rover when all I could afford at the time was a relatively cheap and simple car,” Bruno said.

He said his girlfriend started driving expensive cars, traveling to different parts of the world but he had no idea where the money was coming from.

“Over time, she stopped listening to me,” he said.

Bruno thought he would become “the woman” in the relationship because she had more money than him.

“The reason we finally decided to call it quits was because of her friends that pointed her in a different direction. They believed she was too beautiful for me since I was just hustling my way up,” he said.

Because of pressure, he decided to take a bold step and proposed to her.

“She said yes. However, the next day, she threw the ring in a trench,” he added.

This was the time that he realized she had moved on and when the relationship ended, depression struck.

The separation took a toll on him. He says he ended up making wrong life decisions, including falling out with his then manager.

He, however, continues to appreciate her saying she was there for him through thick and thin and understood his situation when he was still broke.

The musician says after all this, he decided to give his life to Christ which is what saved him. He is currently focusing on music and making money as he takes care of his family.

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