People Power

People Power

With the 2020 general election campaign season starting to take shape, the national political scene has been invigorated by the emergence of a force that will re-arrange the cards.

This is People Power, the group that formed in 2018 around the youthful musician-turned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, referred to for the rest of this article by his stage name of Bobi Wine.

This week, People Power dominated the news when the police prevented it from holding a consultation meeting in Kampala and later that afternoon one of its ardent supporters, Rita Nabukenya, was mortally wounded in a motorbike incident while heading to town to join Bobi Wine.

Much of the public remains sceptical and suspicious of the police account of the circumstances of Nabukenya’s death.
In June 2017, Bobi Wine won the vacant Kyadondo East parliamentary seat in one of the most popular victories in Uganda in recent years.

So popular and well-received was his victory, that the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party and government joined the Opposition in wholeheartedly congratulating him.

At first, few people took Bobi Wine seriously, which is why his Kyadondo win was so well-received.
Comedians, radio presenters and musicians had won election into Parliament in recent years, so Kyagulanyi was seen as joining this novelty as one more unthreatening figure.

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