questions about Jose Chameleone’s UACE results

questions about Jose Chameleone’s UACE results

The headmaster of Katuuso Community Secondary School has refuted claimed that results by the school in regards to singer Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleone were forged.

The headmaster claimed that the singer indeed sat for his exams and students at the school can testify about this

“Mayanja Joseph’s results are not forged, like any other students he has fully registered index number, he is fully recognized by the UNEB portal, he sat his exams and no teacher has a chance to forge his results on behalf of UNEB,” he said.

Nagayi Jovia, a student at the school claims that she saw Chameleone many times during UNEB examinations.

“He was here like any of us, he was never aloof and behaved like us. He did his exams and never discriminated against us in any way,” she said.

Chameleon obtained 12 points in the 2019 UACE examination, but critics claim the singer paid to have the results.

These state that Chameleone was away on international shows in Sierra Leone and London, at the same time UNEB examinations happened hence there is no way he would have sat for the exams.

Source : NBS

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