Kainerugaba welcomes talks with Bobi Wine

Kainerugaba welcomes talks with Bobi Wine

The leadership of People Power movement, a political grouping opposed to the leadership of President Museveni, on Thursday described suggestions by Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the presidential advisor on special operations, to hold a meeting with them, as nonsense.

Gen Muhoozi is the son of President Museveni. In a Thursday tweet, Gen Muhoozi, the former commander of the Special Forces Group, an elite unit that guards Mr Museveni and other critical installations, says it’s possible to have a chat with Bobi Wine, the leader of the surging People Power movement.

“A lot of my supporters are telling me to sit down and talk to my brother Bobi Wine. I have no problem talking to him, we talked in the past and were friends. I just advise all the youth never to seek war over peace,” Gen Muhoozi tweeted.

However, Mr Joel Ssenyonyi, the spokesperson of People Power movement said that Gen Muhoozi must be bored and looking for something to do.

“Ever since he was fired from the Special Forces Command, he has been looking for what to do. He is idle and disorderly. In any case, the closest person for Muhoozi to talk to should be his father and boss. He should advise him to bequeath the leadership of the country in a peaceful transition that they have always yearned for. We shall not involve ourselves in these trivialities,” Mr Ssenyonyi said.

Mr Ssenyonyi said that by Gen Muhoozi seeking audience with Bobi Wine, he is punching above his weight since he is a mere presidential adviser and matters that are on the agenda of Ugandans under People Power, are beyond him. He said that much as People Power supporters are not opposed to dialogue, it has to tackle national issues like the abject poverty, dictatorship, human rights violations among others; because Bobi Wine does not have a personal vendetta against Mr Museveni.

He said: “There is no personal matter between Hon Kyagulanyi and Mr Muhoozi to discuss. The matter is about the whole country and population. If he wants to sit, he should call on the whole country and discuss about a smooth transition. These things of just talking between two people and promise them a few billions [to support you] don’t work. Not for the serious people of Uganda.”

People Power Movement has mainly attracted young Ugandans whose lives have been wrecked by poverty and high levels of unemployment. When Bobi Wine announced that he intends to contest against Mr Museveni come 2021 general elections, police and other security forces have made it impossible for him to consult the electorate as it is speculated in Uganda’s electoral laws.

Several consultative meetings have been blocked by security forces in various parts of the country. Bobi Wine’s request to the Electoral Commission to reign in security agencies to remain non-partisan have been fruitless.

Ever since he was elected MP, his musical shows were banned and music promoters who tried to organize them have faced the wrath of security forces.

Several musicians and artists who used to fellowship with Bobi Wine have since joined Mr Museveni’s camp after pocketing money.

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