Police to recruit more women in the force

Police to recruit more women in the force

The Uganda Police Force has concluded a review of the police standing orders that have been so unfavorable to female Police officers.

The review aims at empowering women and was a wake up call to recruit more women in the force to make the 30% as required by the law from the current 18%.

While addressing a high-level stakeholder engagement that attracted heads of Police training schools and others in the police leadership, the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola, said the force will continue to amplify its efforts and make a commitment to any intervention that will improve the working relationship between male and female officers.

A previous review of the police standing orders was last done in 1984.

The police said there was an urgent need to do the same now since many officers were not comfortable with them.

The recent review was done purposely to address the gender gap in the force.

Currently the percentage of female officers stands at 18% which is still far from the mandated 30%.

The recruitment guidelines were also revised and the women’s requirements relaxed.

The Police Political Commissar Asan Kasingye said some officers go out to for the recruitment exercise and cone back with long lists of men without women.

β€œIt is now mandatory for every officer in charge of recruitment to recruit women,” he said.

Creating a favorable working environment for female officers, training and empowering them to get to higher ranks are some of the initiatives the force is focusing on.

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