MC Kats begs for drink at Roast & Rhyme

MC Kats begs for drink at Roast & Rhyme

First things first…we must say that when we bumped into MC Kats at Roast and Rhyme, boy was looking good.

That break he took from TV seems to be just what he needed to get back in shape.

But that was not all we saw because our eyes kept roving with the emcee and one particular incident caught our attention.

While revellers enjoyed the reggae-ragga night away, Kats was moving around looking for sumn’ to get him irie.

He walked to two guys who were visibly having a good time and whispered something to the one that was holding a UG quarter.

Next thing we saw was him looking for a ka disposable but he seems to have failed to get one.

Not one to lose it all, he then took the tumbler from the other guy and sipped from his glass before running away.

#BrokeN*ggasOneSide but is this not the same Kats that knelt before Pr Wilson Bugembe and swore not to taste a drop of liquor ever again?

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