Outrage as Zimbabwe seeks Uganda’s help on corruption

Outrage as Zimbabwe seeks Uganda’s help on corruption

Zimbabweans are protesting after Chief Justice Luke Malaba invited a Ugandan judge to train judges ahead of the establishment of anti-corruption courts.

The chief justice said Uganda had waged war against corruption and the head of its anti-corruption court, Justice Lawrence Gidudu, would run a training course for Zimbabwean judges, magistrates, and other officials, Zimbabwe’s state-owned Herald newspaper reported.

Zimbabwe’s decision to establish special courts to deal with corruption cases comes after President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared corruption as the country’s biggest enemy, the newspaper reported.

The Zimbabwean information ministry’s permanent secretary, Nick Mangwana, tweeted the article. However, the news was not received well by Zimbabweans online who said Uganda was not the best country to learn from.

Source: BBC

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