Besigye: God has protected me from NRM

Besigye: God has protected me from NRM

Founding president of the Forum for Democratic Change party Kizza Besigye has said he owes God praise for keeping him strong and alive despite the numerous arrests and the brutality against him.

“I am still alive because of God’s mercy. It’s right for me to give him thanks. I will always dance and praise God. If it was not God’s mercy I would not be alive today. In 1980, I was arrested together with my colleagues but I managed to escape into exile in Kenya by God’s grace.

“Those that I was arrested with you cannot call them today and they reply. God has protected me beside the several arrests and brutality by security agents of this government,” Dr Besigye said during the thanksgiving function for the completion of St Joseph’s Kijuguta Catholic Church in Kabale Town yesterday. He donated Shs2m cash.

“We need to devise other means if we are to change the leadership of this country. The mere ballot paper will not help us because the one that prepares the voting materials is the one that employs all the Electoral Commission staff that announce the winner yet he is also a candidate,” Dr Besigye said.

He criticised the government’s Universal Primary and Secondary Education programme comparing it to a hotel owner who detests food prepared at his own hotel.

“Tell me any government employee whose children are enrolled in the Universal Primary and Secondary Education schools? If they are good programmes why is it that the government employees do not send their children to benefit from the programme? ” Dr Besigye asked.

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