Nyege Nyege festival to celebrate African connection to Latin America

Nyege Nyege festival to celebrate African connection to Latin America

The fifth Nyege Nyege edition will be held between September 3 and 6 at the Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja along the Nile.

“This year’s edition will put an emphasis on Africa and its connections to Latin America, the festival will invite artists from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia whose music directly connects with Africa,” said Aly Alibhai, the CEO Talent Africa, the organizers of the Nyege Nyege said.

“Early Bird tickets for this year’s 96-hour celebration are now available to purchase for 100,000 Ugandan shillings online.”

Drumming support for the event, Alibhai said just like it has always been, this year’s festival will be an improvement to the experience in the previous edition.

“The food court will also be themed to echo the wealth of food cultures from Africa, from Zanzibar to Morocco. Nyege Nyege will continue to promote the wealth of traditional music from Uganda, highlighting it as a cultural hotspot and a strong contender to UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage program.”

About Nyege Nyege

Nyege Nyege International Music Festival is organized and curated by the Boutiq Foundation, a community-based organization in Kampala.

The event aims to develop the local arts and culture industry by creating conducive platforms and opportunities for emerging artists.

It also runs inclusive studios for many artists in the region, providing critical access to production infrastructure, learning opportunities and essential management services and bookings.

The Nyege Nyege festival has always promoted Uganda as the best tourist destination and has in turn brought in foreign revenue and created a number of jobs.

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