Abtex says Bebe Cool borrowed Shs5 million from money lender to pay for stunt

Abtex says Bebe Cool borrowed Shs5 million from money lender to pay for stunt

Over the weekend, singer Bebe Cool was pelted with bottles while performing a Cindy’s Boom Party concert.

After the incident 11 people suspected to be behind the attack were arrested however, they didn’t stay long in the coolers as the singer chose to forgive them without the court deciding if they were guilty or not.

Many people have come out to conclude that Bebe Cool forgave them that fast because it was just a publicity stunt to get the president’s attention.

Event’s promoter Abtex who seems so sure that the suspects were paid off by Bebe Cool to pelt bottles at him said he even knows that the money he paid the suspects was borrowed from a money lender.

“We even know the person who gave Bebe Cool the money (Shs 5million) to buy people to carry out the stunt, he is a money lender and Bebe Cool will be paying him back Shs6.5 million. He even called a few journalists telling them to attend Cindy’s show because something is going to happen.” Promoter Abtex said while talking to Spark TV.

According to Abtex, someone can’t stay on stage while bottles are being pelted at him, he was jumping up and down signaling them to continue which is why the bottles were not that many.

He, however, advised the singer to put to use the money he gets from the president and stop relying on stunts every time he runs out of money.

“I don’t believe in being rowdy but Ugandans already expressed their anger to the singer when they first pelted bottles at him two years ago and no longer have time to waste on him,” the promoter concluded.

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