Parliament: Minister to explain mandatory vehicle inspection

Parliament: Minister to explain mandatory vehicle inspection

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has asked the Minister of Trade Industry and Cooperatives, Ms. Amelia Kyambadde, to explain the controversial clearance of SGS for mandatory vehicle inspection.

This comes just weeks after Cabinet recently cleared the Swiss company, Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) to carry out the inspection.

Ms. Kadaga said during the House sitting Tuesday, that she was petitioned by Uganda Motor Industry, an association of Ugandan motor specialists who said they can do the job.

She said the Trade Minister should advise Parliament on the arrangement, especially regarding the failure to trust local capacity.

“They are stating that they have the capacity to do the inspection and that they would want to be given an opportunity because they are all Ugandans so they don’t see why the government is giving preferential treatment to a foreign company when the same work can be done by Ugandans under the Buy-Uganda-Build-Uganda,” Ms. Kadaga said.

The Speaker said that the Uganda Motor Industry Association has 10 members and they are importers of new cars.

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