Death toll rises to 36 in eastern DR Congo attack

Death toll rises to 36 in eastern DR Congo attack

Officials in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo say at least 36 people have been killed by suspected rebels.

This is the latest in a series of attacks believed to have been carried out by the rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

The Congolese army began an operation against the rebel group in October.

The rebels came at night and attacked the village of Momové near Ouicha town.

The administrator of Beni, Donant Kibwana, said all the victims were killed with machetes.

This seems to be yet another attack by the ADF – a rebel group with no clear political agenda.

In a controversial move the Congolese army – initially working without troops from the UN peacekeeping force launched an operation against the ADF.

Since then activists in Beni region say 265 civilians have been killed in numerous attacks that appear aimed at turning the population against the military.

Source: BBC

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