Ham  takes on DTB in fraud accusations fallout

Ham takes on DTB in fraud accusations fallout

The Managing Director Ham Enterprises Hamis Kiggundu has given Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) an ultimatum of 5 days to recover all the money “taken illegally” from their accounts or face legal action.

In a January 10, 2020 notice, Mr. Kiggundu was incensed that DTB “unlawfully, fraudulently without instructions recovered monies from their accounts”.

“The monies fraudulently withdrawn from our accounts were over, above and in excess with a total excess of 29 billion Ugandan shillings unlawfully debited from our shillings account and 22 million United States Dollars unlawfully debited from our United States Dollar account,” reads the statement in part.

According to Mr. Kiggundu, those are unclear debits in their account statement for the ten-year banking relationship they had operated the accounts.

He further demanded full accounts figurative audit, account reconciliation and a detailed explanation of the same and their certificates of tittles be handed to them.

“Failure of which leaves us no choice but to seek redress from the regulator or constitute legal action for remedies against DTB for recovery of those monies,” he said.

Source: PMLDaily

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