Jose Chameleone offers Bebe Cool’s son Hendrick collabo

Jose Chameleone offers Bebe Cool’s son Hendrick collabo

Recently, Allan Hendrick alias Paper Daddy almost exchanged fists with Khalifa Aganaga for disrespecting his father Bebe Cool in a Kampala bar. Khalifa came out and said Hendrick should grow up and become independent because his father is not doing what is best for him.

Singer Jose Chameleone might be sharing the same sentiment with Aganaga because a few days ago when he was hosted on NBS TV, he opened his hands for Bebe Cool’s eldest son for a collaboration.

“If Bebe Cool gives his son Hendrick a collabo, it will push him harder but if he can’t give it to him, let him give me the go-ahead to give it to him,” Chameleone stated during the After 5 show.

He also added that Hendrick is his good friend and advises him because he’s fit to be his father as well.

“I implore you not to meddle into our issues with your father because those matters are for mature people but just come, we hit the studio, do a song and shoot a cheap video, not like those that your father shoots,” Chameleone said.

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