Exclusive: More truths about Rutabana’s disappearance emerge

Exclusive: More truths about Rutabana’s disappearance emerge

More concrete evidence has emerged that the French citizen Benjamin Rutabana who disappeared on landing at Entebbe International Airport, is within a Ugandan custody.

Rutabana was arrested in Kampala in September last year by plain clothes men who identified themselves as being ‘operatives from CMI’.

He was allegedly taken to Mbuya CMI headquarters and taken to ISO, back to CMI and thereafter his whereabouts are still unknown up to now.

No government security agency has publicly accepted the responsibility of arresting and detaining him, even after a production warrant was issued by the High Court Judge Esta Nambayo to produce Rutabana dead or alive.

The Attorney General told court that he was unable to find Rutabana in any of Uganda’s known custodies, and the case was closed and his side was advised to try diplomatic means to find him.

However, information coming to our desk indicates that Rutabana is detained in Uganda.

According to our highly-placed source in CMI, Rutabana is in secret CMI custody in upper Mbuya, in good healthy but no one is allowed to see him.

The source further told our investigative reporter that Rutabana is being detained with more than 20 Rwandese nationals, but treated differently and tactically from others.

“With evidence like a voice recording and or a video or photo, it’s the hardest thing and most risky step one would take. Rutabana is already under the CMI custody well protected under high security. Even if you are a Colonel or a General one cannot enter there with any kind of a gadget. He is in 3rd brocade gate Upper Mbuya CMI3,” the source who preferred anonymity because of the nature of the matter, revealed.

It should be noted that a section of selfish people from the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) led by   Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, are behind his arrest and detention. It is reported that these people received a lot of money from Rutabana, being a tycoon in return for some favours, but they plotted to swindle and put him in trouble such that he lacks the ground to claim it, such that they can enjoy it freely.

“There were misunderstandings between Rutabana and Nyamwasa and some other colleagues in their political party. They connived to portray him as subversive and upon landing in Uganda he was treated as a terrorist just because of misinformation from these people to security agencies,” another source earlier told us.

“The connivance between the RNC and some of the top security officials in Uganda are the ones making him not to be accessed even by a lawyer. This is how serious it is and Nyamwasa and the group think Rutabana wanted to start up his own rebel group and channel the funds, that’s why he is kept, protected and guarded like this,” the source further revealed.

The CMI source told our investigative reporter that Rutabana is not arrested by the Ugandan government, but it’s only the arrangement of the Nyamwasa’s group and individual state security mafias that made him to be where he is.

However, when contacted, the CMI boss denied any knowledge about Rutabana’s arrest and detention.

“There’s a lot of contradicting information on CMI & ISO exchanging a prisoner. It has never happened and we don’t work like that.  Whoever gave you that information is an enemy of Uganda and is trying to divert you. We have never arrested Rutabana as far as am concerned, even if am out of the country am always informed of any operation.  We use a gazetted prison for all categories of prisoners apart from interviews in some cases.  Why would Rutabana be of interest to the extent of isolation for that long when he’s not a terrorist? But even high profile terrorists are quickly interviewed and taken to court. I will make a follow-up on this matter ASAP.”

The CMI boss was, however, suspicious that a section of people from a sister security agency might be behind the rumours that an ISO operative (whom he named, but we decided to hold the name) is the mastermind of Rutabana’s disappearance.

“Yes am aware, it’s good you got information. Am sure you know that Uganda had no hand in this case. Like you you stated earlier there are people trying to tarnish the image of our country. In this case, I think Rutabana was tricked or betrayed,” CMI boss said to our investigative reporter.

“I know they have been trying to destroy my hard working and trusted officer. Hope it’s not someone called (withheld) from ISO who gave you the information if am not mistaken,” CMI boss questioned.

According to the International Relief and Human Rights Initiative (IRHRI) president, Mr Greg Simith Heavens, whose organization was contacted by Rutabana’s family for intervention, these individuals for long had been intimidating and threatening Rutabana not to step in Uganda again or else his life will be in trouble.

“The same people have reached an extent of threatening us leaders of the IRHRI organization and some family members, saying that if we do not stop following up the case, they will influence the closure of the office of our organization in Uganda,” he said.

“We are afraid that the situation might be worse if something is not done urgently in this time in order to protect and defend rights of voiceless people like him and others in needs especially those with Rwandan origin who are being deported back,” Mr Greg added.

Meanwhile, the French Embassy in Uganda is still silent about the issue of their missing citizen, although the State Attorney advised that diplomatic means be used to handle the matter.

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