Slay queen accuses Daddy Andre of sexual harassment

Slay queen accuses Daddy Andre of sexual harassment

Renowned singer and music Producer Daddy Andre has been accused of sexual harassment by an upcoming female artiste.

The ‘Sikikukweka’ singer has been put on the spot for sexually harassing singer Nadia Rania who recorded a song at his studio. The budding singer on March 23, 2020, appeared on spark TV, revealing how Daddy Andre demanded sex from her after recording a song with him.

Narrating her disappointment on Spark TV Live Wire, Nadia claimed that she went to work with Andre because he is currently the most trending artiste and producer in the industry at the moment but it has turned out to be a nightmare.

“I recorded a song at his studio when I went back to pick the song, he had added his voice in the song claiming it was a nice one so he decided to take part. I was happy that my song had been complimented a big producer who even wanted to be part of it,” Nadia reveals.”

She, therefore, didn’t mind that he had added his voice to the song and started making plans of shooting the song’s video. However, after taking care of all the video’s expenses, Andre has been dodging the singer.

“When the time to shoot the video came, he started dodging me saying that I should first sleep with him,” she narrates.

“Why should I sleep with him when I paid? But also if that’s the way it works, how many producers will I sleep with before I can become a star?” she laments.

Nadia claims that when she tries to contact Andre about the song, the producer tells her to first visit him for some intimacy and everything will be sorted.

Nadia is frustrated because Andre is demanding sex for the collaboration he gave her yet she never asked for it and even she paid for his services.

The singer says that she has proof to back up her allegations because most of the sexual harassment texts were sent via WhatsApp. She also says she will involve authorities if Andre refuses to keep his part of the deal.

Andre is currently dating Angella Katatumba and Nadia says she pities the singer because if Andre wants to sleep with someone with her, it’s obvious he also wants to sleep with more attractive women.

Efforts to get a comment from Andre who has not come out to respond to the allegations were futile by press time.

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