Artistes to cover up for Balaam’s cancelled shows

Artistes to cover up for Balaam’s cancelled shows

Now we have all probably been wondering what music promoters are going to do about the money they already paid to artistes to perform at their shows.

What we know, Balaam Barugahare who was in charge of the Uganda France Friendship Week and various events slated for Easter season, will not be receiving any refunds from the artistes he paid to perform.

According to a source, the promoter had already paid deposits to some of the artistes and full payments were to be made on the day of the show.

Apparently instead of refunding what was paid to them, the artistes will cover up for the loss by performing at other gigs in future.

The artistes that were lined up to perform include John Blaq, Recho Rey and Suspect Leizor.

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