Woman under quarantine in Entebbe gives birth without the help of doctors

Woman under quarantine in Entebbe gives birth without the help of doctors

A quarantined woman in Entebbe this morning gave birth while unattended to.

Aisha Namatovu, the lady in question, had been quarantined at the Survey Training Institute in Entebbe due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday, she started experiencing labour pains in the wee hours of Sunday.

They said they had tried to get to medical personnel but to no avail.

“Are you a journalist?,” a lady identified as Elizabeth asked in a panic, adding that “a woman is giving birth now in Entebbe but we don’t have medical assistance for her.”

Those quarantined with her said she had reported to Mulago hospital for a check-up after feeling some symptoms only to be driven to Survey Training institute in Entebbe-Kitooro were she was locked up.

Later after giving birth an ambulance from the ministry of Health arrived at around 8:30 am to extend medical attention to her.

The Ministry of Health later responded to the reports in a message on its social media platforms.

“Our attention has been drawn to a social media clip of a pregnant lady who went into labour while in quarantine. She was safely evacuated from her place of quarantine to Entebbe Grade B Hospital and receiving postnatal care. Both mother and baby are in stable condition,” the message said.

Source : NP

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