US deaths reach 3,000 Coronavirus cases top 786,000 globally

US deaths reach 3,000 Coronavirus cases top 786,000 globally

It is falling to President Donald Trump to lead America into its most tragic month in decades, as experts say the coronavirus pandemic could kill more citizens than the Vietnam and Korean wars combined.

But the President’s bullish, self-congratulatory rhetoric — a staple of a presidency that has divided the nation — is still jarring with the desperate reality of a fast-worsening pandemic that is running out of control.

On the day that heralded another grim new record in reported deaths — more than 500 — and that the fatality toll was roughly on par with those killed on September 11, 2001, Trump opened his daily news conference with a stark message, even though he still struggles to summon the empathy appropriate for such a time of mourning.

Trump, who will be called upon to steady an anguished nation in the days to come, warned the country of a “vital 30 days” ahead, a day after extending social distancing guidelines until the end of April.

Source: CNN

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