Angella Katatumba bashed after claiming Daddy Andre spent Shs20M on her

Angella Katatumba bashed after claiming Daddy Andre spent Shs20M on her

After two more women came out accusing singer and producer Daddy Andre of sexual assault, singer Angella Katatumba now Daddy Andre’s ex-girlfriend came out and spilled a few secrets about their relationship.

In a Facebook post, Katatumba said her relationship with Andre ended because the latter refused to take an HIV test.

She went on to say that Andre loved her so much that he spent about Shs20M on her in the three months that they were together.

According to Katatumba however, she claims to have broken up with the producer in January but she is seen in a video clip recorded by Spark TV on 11th February saying she loves Andre so much.

After Katatumba’s Facebook post started making rounds, she edited it and omitted the part where she claimed Andre refused to test for HIV.

Her followers who had already taken screenshots of the original message were not happy about it. Most of them believed that Katatumba was taking them for a ride while others blamed her for making him bankrupt.

A one Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba commented, “Are u serious that he spent shs.20m on you? What was he buying?”
Mawanda Sulaiman said, “I hear you left him I respect your confidence but if Andrea can spend 20m on such then he would have managed to spend 1billion dollars on these gals basabilizza (he is begging).”

Another social media user wrote, “Guy spent his 20m on you and you refused to give him some he took all the frustration to young upcoming musicians”

Social media users even started making fun of the whole situation wondering how Andre had spent Shs20M on Katatumba while most of her fans were disappointed in her for the statement she made.

Cars Autologistix concluded that it is because of the money he spent on her that run bankrupt, “maybe that’s why he got financial problems & u left him. Spending 20m on someone older than you, richer than u, more educated than you…

And he took you to his village in lira? Did he get a chance to see yours in Rwampara comprising of Katatumba academy, Katatumba resort & that vast cattle ranch with beautiful horses?” he posted.

Some of her fans however stuck by her and encouraged her to move on and follow her principles. Aisha Alibhai told the comment section that, “things happen sweetheart. Just move on with your head high. It’s part of life.

Its gr8 for a lady to know her worth and always raise your standards high….! Besides u r the CEO; u hire and fire when it deems fit” while Thomas Mutete asked her to stick to her principles, “stick to principles.

Every gal should hear that. Don’t let no dude take you on a ride for the money. Money has wings it can fly away. Principles are faithful, sticky and solid. They never flee from you. You are my kind of gal. Keep it there.”

Ssebuliba Nsereko encouraged her to be patient as the right one will soon come her way. “In life, we all have decisions to make and transitions happen. Never blame yourself for any decision you make because it’s for the betterment of yourself.

I always tell people that money can’t buy love but our actions make love possible. Angella Katatumba just stay safe and stay home ?; someone who understands you will come your way.” He wrote.

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