Rwanda’s 26th genocide anniversary muted by virus

Rwanda’s 26th genocide anniversary muted by virus

Rwanda is marking the 26th anniversary of the 1994 genocide under a nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In a televised address to the nation, President Paul Kagame said he sympathised with survivors who had to commemorate the event behind closed doors.

Rwanda’s national remembrance of the victims of the 1994 genocide usually happens at mass gatherings, primarily in the capital, Kigali, but also in villages and towns across the country.

Instead, a small event attended by President Kagame and his wife was held at the Kigali Genocide Memorial and aired live on television.

Rwandans are in the third week of a lockdown and are only allowed to leave their homes for essential services. Officials there have announced 105 cases of coronavirus.

“This virus is serious, but I won’t forget my people. I will be with them today at home,” Josine Uwanyirigira, who lost a parent and two siblings in in the genocide, told the BBC.

Source: BBC

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