LDUs ‘illegally’ deploy themselves to implement a curfew,

LDUs ‘illegally’ deploy themselves to implement a curfew,

Despite being under the army, LDUs are meant to augment police and operations they are involved in are led by Police officers.

However, according to Aswa region police spokesperson, Jimmy Patrick Okema on Tuesday night, at around LDU personnel shot and injured 23 year old Willy Oloya who was found moving at night together with another unidentified person at Mugila west village, Lagwa parish, Adilang sub county in Agago district, by unidentified LDU personnel attached to Lacekoto LDU detach, Adilang sub county, Agago district.

“It is alleged that at around 10pm, eight LDU personnel attached to Lacekotoo detach commanded by one Odoi deployed themselves on patrol to implement the presidential directives on Covid-19 under the instructions of LC3 Chairman Adilang Hon Okwir Mohammed, without the notice of the officer in charge of Adilang Police Station,”Okema said.

He said the LDUs conducted their patrols at Odom trading center, then to Adilang trading center up to around 11pm when they left for their detach.

“However, along the way, they met two men at Orakubang swamp in Mugila village, walking towards Adilang trading center. The LDUs halted the two men and asked them to identify themselves but the two civilians couldn’t talk and instead ran to the bush. The LDUs opened fire at then shooting one Oloya Willy on the left thigh while the other man escaped without injuries.”

The police mouthpiece said the victim was taken to Kalongo hospital and investigations into the matter have kicked off.

“A general inquiry file 003/2020 has been opened up.”

President Museveni has on several occasions warned security personnel against misinterpreting his directives on coronavirus.

He asked security personnel not to shoot or beat but rather arrest suspected violators of his directives.

On Wednesday, the division court martial in Gulu sentenced six UPDF soldiers to six months imprisonment after pleading guilty to torture and causing bodily harm on locals in Agago while enforcing the presidential directive on curfew.

Source: NP

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