UPDF kills two, captures five armed Congolese in shootout

UPDF kills two, captures five armed Congolese in shootout

The incident happened on Thursday evening when a group of eight Congolese nationals donning the DRC Police and army ( FARDC) uniforms attacked fishermen at Kaiso landing site in Lake Albert on the Ugandan side and robbed a boat engine.

Consequently, the locals alerted the UPDF that responded swiftly.

There was an exchange of fire between the UPDF Marine and the armed Congolese that saw two of the attackers put out of action whereas six were captured alive.

The Ugandan forces didn’t register any victim.

“Our forces received a distress call from the fishermen and responded to an attack. In the exchange of fire, two Congolese were killed and five were arrested but three of whom had been injured,” the army spokesperson, Brig. Richard Karemire said.

He said the injured were rushed to a nearby unit in Hoima for medication whereas three AK47 guns were recovered during the operation.

“We are investigating this incident.”

Fishermen along Lake Albert have always received similar attacks from Congolese armed men who steal fish and boats.

On several occasions, the Congolese attackers have killed Ugandan fishermen.

However, the Nile Post has learnt that the UPDF Marine increased patrols in the waters to avert any attacks.

Source: NP

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