Lt. Col. Nelson Bataringaya was attacked by residents

Lt. Col. Nelson Bataringaya was attacked by residents

Authorities in the western Kisoro District are investigating a string of attacks by locals on UPDF and Police officers patrolling the area.

Lt. Col. Nelson Bataringaya the 35th Battalion Commander in Kisoro district says his soldiers have on a number of occasions come under attack while enforcing President Yoweri Museveni’s Covid19 stay-at-home directives.

The locals, he says, have resorted to stoning their patrol teams especially in the night hours.

Last week, according to Bataringaya, a pick up belonging to Kisoro Municipal Council was stoned and its windscreen broken.

The commander adds that on Tuesday, a UPDF officer on patrol was injured on the head, while on Easter Sunday his own official command vehicle registration number DO2DF103 was also stoned and the windscreen broken.

“People have resorted to stoning our patrol teams especially during night hours. This must stop because the outcomes next time might not be good. We can’t be intimidated; we have to implement the president’s directives,” he said.

In the same vein, Captain Peter Mugisha the Kisoro RDC reported similar attacks in Russia in Kisoro municipality, Nyakabaya trading centre, Gashenyi trading centre in Gasovu and other areas.

He noted for instance at Mubuga primary school where some youths were found playing football and when police tried to stop them they begun fighting the police officers and in the process one of the youths was shot in the leg

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