Rwanda announces plan to lift the lockdown

Rwanda announces plan to lift the lockdown

Rwanda’s government has announced plans to partially ease strict measures imposed six weeks ago to stop the spread of coronavirus.

A highly awaited government announcement said the restrictions will be lifted from 4 May even though some measures will be maintained.

A curfew will be enforced from 20:00 local time (18:00GMT) to 05:00.

All schools will remain closed until September and border crossings will remain closed except for cargo and returning Rwandan citizens and legal residents.

Markets will reopen at half capacity, while hotels and restaurants will close by 19:00 local time. Sports facilities, gyms, bars, places of worship will remain closed, but individual sporting activities are allowed in open spaces.

Commuters will have to adhere to social distancing in public transport, but travel across provinces is not permitted.

Rwanda has so far confirmed 243 coronavirus cases, 84 of which were reported in the last seven days.

The ministry of health says the spike in cases is due to cargo truck drivers who were allowed in from Kenya and Tanzania.

Rwanda was the first sub-Sahara African country to enforce total lockdown measures in efforts to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Source: BBC

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